Product Importing

We support local, Australian manufacturers and suppliers where possible for the majority of our product orders, but we understand the need to import products from offshore for higher volume orders, to help your promotional budget stretch further.

Promotional Products Imported from ChinaWith years of experience sourcing and importing products from factories and manufacturers throughout China and the Pacific Rim, our team has the knowledge and resources to help you get a competitive price and better quality product. We have close relationships with hundreds of vendors, because different regions in China have specific industrial strengths.

The advantages of dealing directly with the manufacturer extend beyond mere cost efficiencies, as on custom orders we are even able to customise size, colours, materials, packaging and other add on features. 

Be Effective's exclusive agent in Hong Kong regularly visits factories throughout China to discover new products and processes, whilst also inspecting quality and ethical manufacturing standards.

Our understanding of the import, customs and shipping regulations enables us to provide clients with a high level of confidence when purchasing products offshore. We arrange shipping from the port of origin for those who are not familiar with international freight services, including door to door service.

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