Artwork requirements for Branding on Promotional Merchandise

Artwork requirements for Branding on Promotional Merchandise

23rd Jan 2017

The entire purpose for using these products as a promotional vehicle is to expose clients and prospective clients to your logo and message on a frequent basis.

Promotional products and branded apparel are more effective when they contain good quality artwork

Artwork format (EPS or Adobe Illustrator AI file)

To print with precision and accuracy your logo or graphic needs to be vector illustrations, not bitmap images, supplied as either Adobe Illustrator AI, PDF or EPS file format. Bitmap images such as JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP files are unacceptable unless your branding is being produced as full colour digital print or transfer.

EPS is short for Encapsulated PostScript. An EPS file is a vector file which means that the image has infinite resolution ie. it will never go ‘pixelly’ when the size of the graphic is changed. It also will not have a white background. This file format allows our graphic designers to scale and change the colour of your artwork to a suitable design for your order specifications. These files are completely editable. EPS files are generally created in a program called Adobe Illustrator.

MYTH: Some people believe that a JPEG file can be converted to an EPS by simply doing a ‘Save As’. Unfortunately this does not work and the file will not have the same properties as a true EPS file.

PMS Colours

For laser engraving and pad or screen printing, the colours used in your vector artwork must be setup as individual spot PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours. We do not accept CMYK or RGB files unless your branding is being produced as full colour digital print or transfer. If you do not know your PMS colour, please refer to our PMS chart for a close approximation.


All text fonts must be converted to outlines/paths, unless you require us to make changes to your artwork, in which case we require a full package of your artwork to be supplied including all Opentype or Truetype fonts used.


We can redraw your logo or artwork if you do not have access to the image in an Adobe Illustrator or PDF format. Generally a logo redraw fee is $60 however it may vary depending on complexity. Please submit your artwork and we can send you back an accurate quote. 

Artwork Design

If you require small touch ups to your artwork or a simple colour change we would be able to provide this service for free. However if you required editing of your artwork which is a little bit more complicated, or i you require a new design, our creative team can help out at the low rate of $60 per hour.


We will provide a graphic image for you to examine the expected look of the final result. Production of your product in will not be commenced until you give us artwork approval. Artwork will be created as a digital mock up and sent via email for you to approve. Physical samples can be produced for a small cost, which you will need to discuss with our team on 08 8356 1122.

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