5 Ways Small Business Can Effectively Use Promo Items

5 Ways Small Business Can Effectively Use Promo Items

30th Jan 2017

Business owners of all sizes can benefit from the power promotional items, none more than small businesses. Quality promotional items help businesses market their companies and also build customer loyalty. After business owners invest in the product and give it away, advertising becomes free for as long as customers wear the promotional items. Many business owners use promotional items as an effective marketing tool.

Here are 5 simple ways small businesses can effectively use promotional items:

1. Give Promotional Items to Employees to Use/Wear

Employees should be a company’s biggest advocates. If employees wear promotional items in their daily activities, they will advertise for the company. This form of marketing can be very effective. If employees are knowledgeable about the products, and customers see them sporting a promotional item, customers may ask questions, and employees can facilitate a sale.

2. Give Promotional Items at Trade Shows

Promotional items at trade shows are essential to help a company gain exposure. When companies gain exposure, lead capture and sales conversions are more likely. Sales generate the revenue business owners want. T-shirts, duffle bags and pens are all effective forms of promo items for trade shows. Don’t settle for the cheapest items. Instead focus on something unique, and have special t-shirts that attendees can “earn” for doing certain things. This will stick your business more firmly in their mind if they earn a quality giveaway instead of just racing past your table to snatch up all your freebies.

3. Give Promotional Items Online

Social media followers are advocates for your business and appreciate free promotional items. Companies can give away free personalized promotional products to keep customers interested in the product or service. Many of my clients have contests where they give away free, high quality, t-shirts, mugs and binders to

4. Give Promotional Items as Incentives

Promotional items can be used as incentives for sales people. Jackets, for instance, can be incentives for sales people if they reach a particular sales quota or goal. This is an effective use of promotional items that will also generate business. When jackets are given to top sales people, business owners know the person is an advocate for the company. You’ll need to spend a little more on these items, but the investment is often worth it for the long term return it will give your small business.

5. Use Promotional Items to Close Deals

Sales people often give customers promotional items just before they are about to close the deal to give the customer a reminder of why they are better than the competition. This is an effective use a marketing budget if it wins more deals.

Studies have shown that promotional items are effective forms of advertising. These items can generate leads, potentially help to close sales, and are effective marketing tools. So if you are looking for a way to further your brand, consider investing in a few promotional items.

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